Our Story

Celebrating over 50 years of Balmain & District Football Club - Australia's largest community football club.

50 years of Balmain pride

From humble beginnings as part of the Balmain Police Citizens Boys Club, to the largest community club in Australia, open to all. Explore our 50 years of growth and change, and the people who have made it all possible. We celebrate our past with enormous pride, but with the knowledge that ours is a story still being written.

Club values

Balmain & District Football Club (BDFC) is a volunteer-run community club that encourages participation and celebrates achievement at all levels. We recognise that individual players have different motivations for playing football, from the highly competitive to those seeking social recreation. We welcome all.

Let's make history

Do you have a history with the club and a story to tell? We want to hear from you! We're after anecdotes, memorabilia, scanned photos and more. Help us piece together how we've grown from small beginnings to the biggest community football club in the country.


Balmain DFC has changed a lot over the years. But from the very beginning right up until today, one thing has remained true: we are a family-orientated club made up of incredible people. The heroes off the field have meant there can be heroes on the field. Together, they’ve made the game beautiful.


Does he lie, does he steal? NOT IF HE’S A TIGER. When he loses, does he squeal? NOT IF HE’S A TIGER. Is he mean, is he cruel? NOT IF HE’S A TIGER. Who can keep his temper cool When others tease and act the fool Who does keep the "Golden Rule" HE WHO IS A TIGER.

The honour code of the “Tigers”, from when the club was part of the Balmain Police Citizens Boys Club. Found on the first page of most Club Reports dating to the ’90s, the code was preceded by The Golden Rule: ‘Do unto others as you would have others do unto you’.


We owe an incalculable debt to those who came before us. Without their hard work and passion, we wouldn’t be here today. 


Did you know that Tim Cahill played for our club in 1986? Or that our first club shirts were hand-made? Check out the Fun Facts page of our website to discover more about Balmain DFC’s rich history, and help us fill in the gaps.