Chris Dunkerley began with Balmain DFC as so many people do: as a dad coach to his young son. Here, the former CDSFA delegate talks about his years with the club, the changes he’s seen in female participation, team size and the values that make our club stand apart.


From junior coach to president, and most recently the Age Coordinator for the All Abilities team: John Thomson has been with the club for over twenty years. With permission from the wife, he joined the O35s a few years ago, and hasn’t looked back.


He’s a man who’s worn many hats as part of the Balmain DFC, starting with the club two decades back. Here, Brian Frankham talks about his involvement in the Tiny Tigers, the All Abilities team and more.


When club legend Alan Kennedy agreed to step up as Balmain DFC Treasurer, he wasn’t aware of just how much of his life it would take over. Here, he shares some of the challenges that came with managing the club and its members in the pre-digital era.